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Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, on October 15, the second and final day of his first visit to London, held wide-ranging talks with Britain's leading political figures, and spoke frankly of his concern about what he called "terrorism". Gandhi also reached agreement with British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on measures to combat racist attacks on Asians in England . The British Government has expressed hope that the Indian leader would place large helicopter and aircraft orders with British firms; hundreds of millions of pounds are at stake, and English companies say the orders could maintain thousands of jobs. during his visit, Gandhi held meetings with Thatcher's entire Cabinet at No. 10 Downing Street, and later had discussions with leading opposition figures Neil-Kinnock, Denis Healey , and David Owen. Gandhi was taken on an inspection visit of a British Aerospace plant, and watched demonstration flights of aircraft which the Indian Government is considering purchasing. Before giving a news conference at the Indian High Commission in Central London, Gandhi was met by militant Sikh protesters demonstrating against the Indian Government's Sikh policies. With the memories of his mother, Indira Gandhi's assassination by her Sikh bodyguards still fresh, police kept the demonstrators under tight control, and no incidents were reported. Gandhi's strongest criticism was directed at South Africa's apartheid system - a point which is expected to feature prominently at this week's Commonwealth summit meeting in Nassau, Bahamas.

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Time code 00:30:26 - 00:33:06
Date original OCTOBER 15, 1985
Duration 2.41
Subset Reuters TV - RTV Post 1957
Location LONDON, U.K.
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1. GV EXT Indian High Commissioner's residence in London 0.05
2. CU Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi seated with British Foreign Secretary Sir Geoffrey Howe (2 shots) 0.16
3. SV Gandhi with Home Secretary Douglas Hurd, Defence Minister Michael Heseltine enters, is seated with Gandhi, Trade and Industry Secretary Leon Britain enters room and is seated with Gandhi (5 shots) 0.34
4. SV Gandhi with Labour Party Leader Neil Kinnock and Shadow Foreign Secretary Denis Healey 0.41
5. SV Gandhi with Social Democrat Party Leader David Owen 0.46
6. GV Interior of No. 10 Downing Street, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher with Lord Hailsahm, Chancellor of the Exchequer Nigel Lawson, Conservative Party Chairman Norman Tebbitt, Geoffrey Howe, Employment Secretary Lord Young. Indian High Commissioner, P.C. Alexander , Gandhi (2 shots) 1.06
7. GV Thatcher says farewell to Gandhi at door of No. 10 1.15
8. GV Jet aircraft taking off, group of onlookers including Gandhi watching 1.34
9. SV British Aerospace aircraft on flight display, Gandhi and others watch 1.44
10. GV EXT Indian High Commission in Aldwych Central London, Sikh protesters chanting outside as police guard area (4 shots) 2.12
11. CU Gandhi speaking (English SOT) 2.41
SPEECH TRANSCRIPT SEQUENCE II GANDHI: "Terrorism must be fought two ways: one is politically, to see that the breeding ground is removed; and the other is police action to see that any terrorists who remain are, come under the law; and we think the British could do more on the first."


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