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Visnews filmed Malta March 29 as the Royal Navy ended its 150-year link with the Malta Dockyard.
At his palace in Valletta the Governor Sir Robert Laycock received a dockyard key from Rear Admiral Copeman, Fourth Sea Lord. He then formally handed it over to Group Captain G.B.Bailey, chairman of Mesers. Bailey (Malta), a civilian firm of ship repairers and marine engineers.
Bailey's will pay GBP30,000 a year to the Admiralty as rent and half of this is to go to the Malta Government.
The firm will employ the 6,000 workers discharged by the Admiralty which is continuing to use Malta as a naval base, employing about another 5,000 at present.
The General Worker's Union has called for a one-hour strike on March 30 in protest against the Transfer. Union leaders - they represent half the dockyard workers - boycotted the ceremony in the Governor's palace.

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Time code
Date original 29 March 1959
Duration 39 ft
Technical 16mm
Subset Reuters TV - RTV Post 1957
Location Valetta, Malta
Colourbw B/W

1. GTV PAN Malta Dock-Yard area. 5 ft
2. STV Dry dock. 7 ft
3. GV Naval craft and dock-yard. 9 ft
4. TV Ditto. 11 ft
5. STV Ditto. 13 ft
6. SV PAN INT..Personalities assembled for handing-over ceremony. 15.5 ft
7. SV Rear Admiral Copeman hands over key to Governor, and Governor speaks. 20.5 ft
8. SV Governor hands key to Group Captain G.B.Bailey. 24.5 ft
9. LV PAN Assembly seated listens to Group Captain Bailey speaking. 29.5 ft
10. CU Group Captain Bailey speaking. 31.5 ft
11. STV Naval craft and dockyard. 34.5 ft
12. GV Naval craft and dockyard. 39 ft


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