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Visnews was at Cambridge Feb 26 to film the first official inter-university tiddly winks match between Oxford and Cambridge. After a two hour battle, Cambridge University smashed a first-class Oxford side to become the all-England Tiddlywinks champions.
The Cambridge team - already world champions after their fighting victory last year over the Goons (members of the radio programme cast of the Goon Show) won by 64 points to 48.

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Can 1303
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Time code
Date original 26 Feb 1959
Duration 62 ft
Technical 16mm
Subset Reuters TV - RTV Post 1957
Location CAMBRIDGE, U.K.
Colourbw B/W

1. LV. Ext. Cambridge University. 2 ft
2. CU Poster advertising tiddlywink ball 4 ft
3. STV Pan Across the four mats (SOF) Announcing start of match.
4. SV Oxford kick off with a near miss 21 ft
5. SCU Cambridge also just miss a tiddle. 24.5 ft
6. SCU Stirling Moss watching the battle 25.5 ft
7. SCU An Oxford player flips badly. 28 ft
8. STV Crowd 29 ft
9. CU Cambridge player surreptitiously shoving an Oxford wink further away from the tiddle. 34 ft
10. SV A mis-flip by Cambridge. 26.5 ft
11. CU Another. 38 ft
12. SCU Judge inspecting winks closely before giving a decision. 40 ft
13. SV Chris Brasher watching. 42 ft
14. SV From Cambridge to Oxford contestant 45 ft
15. CU Both players flipping. 47 ft
16. STV Cambridge making the winning flip. 51.5 ft
17. SV The Mayor and Mayoress of Cambridge watching. 53.5 ft
18. SV Announcer pronouncing Cambridge the winners. Applaud to end. 62 ft


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Ref: BGY503110565