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At Brazzaville, in the newly formed 'Congo Republic' an uneasy truce follows days of riots that took over 100 lives.
French built Brazzaville became the capital when Abbe (forbidden to say mass but still wearing a soutane) Fulbert Youlou moved his government from the danger spot Pointe Noire, inhabited by the Opposition chief socialist Opengault's M'Boshi tribe.
The foreign affairs of the county are still run by French diplomats, but Youlou is learning to cope with his own international problems.
The Brazzaville riots started on the day by which Opengault followers had demanded election be held. Frustrated, they smashed furniture and windows in the Territorial Assembly, and the political brawl quickly developed into a tribal fight. At Poto-Poto, the Balali supporters of the Abbe, and Opengault's M'Boshi looked back to the weapon of Zulu Chaka - the deadly assegai (short spear) - and forward to the broken bottle of city slums to supplement rifles and deadly machetes. Bloodshed, pillage, firelighting rampaged. Passing whites were told to 'keep out of it'.
It took the entire police force and the French troops to queel the fight and restore order. Precautionary measures and spot checks continue.
Score of dead was 120 plus, injured more than 300. Among the arrested is Jacques Opengault, charged with 'Incitement to sedition, rebellion, and pillage'.
Latest news is that elections have been promised.

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Time code
Date original 22 Feb 1959
Duration 72 ft
Technical 16mm
Subset Reuters TV - RTV Post 1957
Colourbw B/W

1. LS Brazzaville. 3 ft
2. High shot Ditto. (Abbe Fulber Youlou) 4 ft
3. MS Prime minister comes out of residence -- walks past camera. 10 ft
4. MS Walks up to group of people. 14 ft
5. LS Checkpoint with mobile unit in background. 16 ft
6. CU Guard searches front end of car. 24 ft
7. 2 shots Sign "Poto - Poto" 27 ft
8. Exterior Burned out house. 28.5 ft
9. 3 shots Cu -- Ditto. 34.5 ft
10. Another burned out house, burned-out trucks in foreground. 36.5 ft
11. MS Prisoner brought into compound. 46.5 ft
12. LS Command post. 48.5 ft
13. CU Commander. 51 ft
14. Man comes into command post with armful of captured arms and drops them on ground. 54.5 ft
15. CU Officer looking at captured knife. 57 ft
16. CU Home made hachet in a shape of a seven 60 ft
17. CU Home made rifle being cut and triggered 64.5 ft
18. MS Family with all belongings on top of their heads are stopped at checkpoint family is passed and walked down the road. 72 ft


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