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ITVP Production
In a brand new series, TRINNY & SUSANNAH are on a mission to tackle some of the major problems we as a nation have with dress and style. Each week the girls take on different challenges including those of men, shape, age and uniform. Their most pressing task, however, is a subject matter they literally hold close to their chests. Britain's boobs need help and the style experts are determined to cup, measure and fit the entire nation into the right-sized bra. The search for the right bra has spawned an industry worth 700 million pounds a year that TRINNY & SUSANNAH liken to the Holy Grail. Over a million and a half bras are sold in the UK each week, but are any of us actually wearing the right sized bra? Attempting to measure each others breasts, TRINNY & SUSANNAH soon discover that herein lays the problem. "Where do you measure from?" Trinny muses in confusion. Concluding that the method of measurement must have been a male invention, the pair move on to try a range of breast accessories on the market that include "chicken fillet" prosthetic breasts and plastic pumps that claim to make your breasts bigger. Both feel that many products make money from women's insecurities and TRINNY & SUSANNAH pledge to change how women feel about their breasts by making them feel happy about what they already have. Before long, women across the UK are stripping down to their smalls in their portable pink changing room to talk "sags, bags" and in some cases "two peas on an ironing board." 46-year-old Polly from Croydon has lost her way in the lingerie department after having five children. Putting her for the first time in the right sized bra, TRINNY & SUSANNAH turn what they call a "dowdy milking machine" into a woman who cares about her breasts and ditching her baggy T-shirts, and Polly is thrilled at the visible difference. To discover more about the problem, and to try and find out who is to blame, TRINNY & SUSANNAH go undercover in complete disguise to be measured in the high street shops. Both girls are shocked to each find their bra size to be different in three different shops and conclude that the plain truth is that every bra is different. Attempting to find out what its like to have breasts of a different size, TRINNY & SUSANNAH go on differing journeys of discovery. Contemplating a boob job, Trinny gets prosthetic breasts fitted for a day to find out what it's really like to have big boobs. "I'm not against cosmetic surgery if I feel it's something a woman goes into, asking all the right questions and then think's they will feel better... Her husband Johnny's reaction is complete shock at the transformation: "it's sick, its just so weird," but undeterred Trinny heads to a premiere with Susannah and the resulting pictures of her supposed boob job make headline news the following day. Meanwhile, Susannah meets KYRIE EDWARDS from Leicester whose 42JJ breasts are so restrictive she has to wear a wetsuit to exercise. Visiting a design engineer who is working on the prototype for the perfect bra, they are helped to understand the true physical impact of the size of your breasts. Kyrie discovers that each of her breasts weights 4lb, which together is a whopping half a stone. Finally and in order to stop women everywhere neglecting their breasts, TRINNY & SUSANNAH embark on a mammoth stunt to grab attention. Heading for the quiet town of Rothwell their mission is to get 1000 women measured for the right bra and literally throw off their old bras for good - and all in the middle of the Town Square. With the Mayoress of the town admitting that: "They don't like to make a show of themselves," TRINNY & SUSANNAH realise they have their work cut out. Powers of persuasion kicked up a notch, the girls soon have the town preparing to bare all, but a truly shocking number of women are wearing the wrong sized bras. As the girls throw off their clothes, their parting words for the sleepy town of Rothwell are ominous: "We'll be back soon to do the knickers." Hair by - RICHARD WARD Makeup - CHARLOTTE RIBEYRO Stylist - ANNIE SWAIN With Thanks To - BRAVISSIMO, EVEDEN, FRENCH CONNECTION, GOSSARD, LA SENZA, MARKS & SPENCER, MINTEL, MONSOON, PANACHE, PLAYTEX, TNA WORLDPANEL, TRIUMPH, WONDERBRA
Presenters - TRINNY WOODALL, SUSANNAH CONSTANTINE Narrator - GUY PORRITT Music - GARRY JUDD Associate Producer - DAISY LILLEY Senior Producer - LYNN ROWETT Series Producer - TONI WILLIAMSON Producer/Director - HELEN HILL Executive Producers - MICHELE CARLISLE, JO SCARRATT ITV Productions Limited 2007 ITV Production