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SHOWBIZ: Former Doctor Who Patrick Troughton cameo appearance in 'On The House'

Former Doctor Who actor Patrick Troughton makes cameo appearance in the series 'On The House'


GRANADA TELEVISION (Preview available) **** Can be sold subject to rights check. Please contact ITN Source Sales. (Separate royalty applies as per agreement PAC00003).

Reference: X06057101
Series Title: On The House (Series 2)
Production Title: Take Me To Your Leader
Programme Title: On The House
Production Companies: Yorkshire Television
Production ID: Y/1235/0009
Programme ID: Y/1235
Note: Tape timecodes are in use for this item

GRANADA TELEVISION (Preview available)  -   FX / FX
EXCERPT 'On The House' episode 'Take Me To Your Leader' with regular cast members Derek Griffiths, Robin Askwith, Tommy Godfrey, John Junkin and Kenneth Connor and a cameo appearance by former Doctor Who actor Patrick Troughton


Ref: X06057101