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ENGLAND      ITN     EXT            CASS 1 OF 5
London       2.40    Arrival Rev Jesse Jackson and entourage.
Wembley      2.55    TS concourse. LS arrival Neil Kinnock and Glynnis.

Churchill    3.13    EXT
Hotel                Winnie followed by Nelson Mandela leave entrance,into
                     limosine and away;

London       4.14    Preparations & rehearsals for concert underway;
             9.36    INT;posters of Nelson Mandela being rolled up at
                     Kiosk;T-shirts on sale;

             10.02   EXT;People outside Wembley stadium;Reverand Jesse
                     Jackson up steps as waves to Press;Police
                     cordon;Nelson Mandela's car arrives;Mandela & wife
                     out of car;Mandela along balcony as gives salute to

              12.39  INT;Mandela giving PKF:
                                                   ENDS 29.05

London       ITN     INT            CASS 2 OF 5
Wembley      2.40    More of Mandela PKF;EXT;crowds arriving on pitch;GV's
                     stage;Evening shots of audience & large screen:

             12.20   Aerial shots of Wembley from plane     ) VERY POOR
                     prior to concert starting;Ground       ) QUALITY
                     beginning to fill up:                  ) 

                                                    ENDS 14.36

London       BBC     EXT            CASS 3 OF 5
Wembley      2.40    Comedian Lenny Henry appearing on stage;Daniel
                     Lamwar on stage;More from Henry;Crowd shots;Henry &
                     actor Denzel Washington on stage;Nelson & Winnie
                     Mandela giving Black Power salute to crowd;Patti
                     Labelle performing on stage;Crowd shots;more from
                     Lanois band,featuring the Neville brothers;Tracy
                     Chapman performing on stage;more from Henry;Neil
                     Young performing on stage:
                                                            ENDS 69.05

 London       BBC    EXT            CASS 4 OF 5
 Wembley      2.40   Comedian Ben Elton performing on stage;Terrence Trent
                     D'Arby performing on stage;Kopane performing on
                     stage;more of Elton;Lou Reed performing on stage;more
                     of Lenny Henry;Soul selection of artists including
                     Bonny Rait,Anita Baker,Natalie Cole & Micha Paris;
                     more from Henry;Johnny Clegg & Jackson Brown
                     performing on stage;more from Elton;more from Kopane:
                                                            ENDS 103.19

  London       BBC   EXT             CASS 5 OF 5
  Wembley      2.40  More from Lenny Henry;more from Kopane;Stepsosonic
                     (Rap group) performing on stage,Nenneh Cherry & the
                     Jungle brothers join them on stage;more from Denzel
                     Washington;Joanhas Quan-qua playing African National
                     Anthem on trombone:

               25.25 Archbishop Trevor Huddlestone onto stage to introduce
                     Nelson Mandela:

               31.20 Nelson Mandela onto stage with his wife Winnie
                     Adelaide Tambo,wife of ANC President Oliver;crowd
                     give him prolonged ovation;Reverand Jesse Jackson
                     saluting from his from his seat in the stadium; Mandela
                     speech to audience;Neil kinnock seen in audience;Mandela
                     salutes to audience as leaves stage:

               61.56 More from Tracy Chapman;more from Elton & Henry;Simple
                     Minds performing on stage,Little Steven joins them
                     on stage;artists join them on stage to sing;more
                     from Henry,Elton & Washington;Peter Gabriel performing
                     on stage with Tracy Chapman;(Bad sound on Biko number)
                     artists line up on stage to sing along with the Biko
                     number;End Captions:

                     CONDENSED RUSHES CR2216             ENDS 109.49

Ref: CR2216