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}ULM1976     BARKER & DOBSON Marketing video about manufacturing company
7.1.88       Barker and Dobson, presented by Frank Bough.
TX           --------------------------------------------------------------

             SEQUENCE Frank Bough outside Budgen supermarket; montage of
             newspaper cuttings about Barker & Dobson: Keiller factory ext
             and int: sweets being made, processed, and packaged in
             Keiller factory: montage of labels of Keiller sweet products
             including Keiller butterscotch and mints: more sweets on
             production line; marmalade being made and bottled:
             butterscotch coming off production line: Budgen store int,
             shoppers at check out desk: Frank Bough i/c; Budgen shop
             shelves; sweets on display in pick 'n mix selection: more
             Budgen shop interiors.

             CAS ex FALKMAN PRODUCTIONS      30.00 mins

Ref: ULM1976