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}125512      MARVIN GAYE FUNERAL: Soul singer Marvin Gaye, who was
6.4.84       murdered by his father, is buried as 30,000 fans keep
TX           vigil and Stevie Wonder, sings a final tribute.
                                                 VIDEO CBS


USA          AIRV    Cemetary and church
California   MS      Marvin Gaye's coffin carried into church
Los Angeles  LMS     Stevie Wonder, musician, singing at service

                     Stevie Wonder singing OVERLAID
             MS      Wreaths around pictures of Gaye
             CMS     Picture of Gaye
             CMS     Wreath from Diana Ross, singer
             MS      Mourners passing coffin as pay last respects
             MS      Mourners seated
             MS      Open coffin as family to it
             MS      More mourners past coffin
             MS      Procession of people outside church
             BV      Mourners at coffin

             VIDEO CBS
             TX'D 6.4.84/NAF
             Archive Tape & Cas Two 26558  84/4418  02.02.03 to 02.03.11

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