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}T01049003   LONDON: ANTI POLL TAX RIOT: THE VIOLENCE: Police held a Press
1.4.90       Conference displaying weapons used against them during
TX           yesterday's poll tax riot and officers described the attacks
             upon them. Many are recovering in St Thomas Hospital. Other
             protesters complained of being attacked by police officers.
             The Anti-Poll Tax Federation have promised an enquiry which
             will be made public.

             a)9.48pm: F'back Whitehall as mass crowds along with
             banners, police thru crowd, police facing rioters as
             they lash out at them, police moving back, rioters with
             stick hitting out at police, police hit back, HIGHLIGHTED
             rioters in crowd pointing in forward direction, elderly
             man holding banner as mounted police past: Intvw Steve
             Nally Anti-Poll Tax Federation: Weapons & missiles on
             show: Intvw WPC Fiona Roberts: F'back attack on police
             car: Intvw Sgt James Miller: SLOWMO of attack: Sgt James
             Miller & PC Bob Huntley walking along: Intvw Sgt Graham
             Cuthell has broken jaw: F'back Sgt Cuthell on horse with
             injured face as another officer helped away: F'back
             policeman & rioter on ground as another policeman hits
             rioter, man helping another injured man (has blood coming
             from head wound) along as comments, says he was standing &
             trying to stop fighting when police started hitting him:
             Intvw injured girl: Riot police running along with injured
             person on makeshift stretcher: (LEUCHARS,ANNE):
MIX/FX       ARCHIVE CAS THREE & FOUR 35403  27.43 TO 30.26
             b)6.31pm: F'back yesterday as police car being attacked;
             Intvw Sgt James Miller (Police car occupant): F'back
             SLOWMO of the attack on police car: Sgt Miller & PC Bob
             Huntley (police car driver) walking along: F'back yesterday
             as rioter & police man on ground as another riot policeman
             hits rioter, man helping another injured man (has blood coming
             from head wound) along as comments, says he was standing &
             trying to stop fighting when police started hitting him:
MIX          ARCHIVE CAS ONE & TWO 35403  14.36 TO 15.37

             Also available
             1pm: Shorter than 9.48pm but includes;
             Mounted policeman on ground being dragged along by horse as
             missiles striking him; SLOMO woman pleading with crowd for
             calm; Fire in Trafalgar Square. (LEUCHARS,ANNE)
FX/MIX       ARCHIVE CAS ONE & TWO 35403  05.54 TO 07.38

****         FOR RUSHES SEE CR2244
****         RUSHES NOT KEPT:

             b)      SEE ABOVE

             a)      (Leuchars,Anne)
London       TGV     Rally along away with banners          )
Whitehall    MS      Ditto L-R                              )
             TMS     Police along with demos                )
             CMS     Police facing attacking protesters &   )
                     using truncheons (Camera shaking)      ) TX.31.3.90
             BV      Police retreating as missiles and      ) ITN
                     assaults                               )
             TLMS    HIGHLIGHT Youth directing assaults     )
             MS      Mounted police past old man with banner)
                     PAN R-L                                )

ITN          CMS     Steve Nally (Anti-Poll Tax Federation) intvwd SOF
                     -We will hold a full inquiry and name names if

                     POLICE PKF
New Scotland CS      Weapons, such as bolts, bottles, etc, used in riot
Yard                 shown PULL OUT

             CMS     WPC Fiona Roberts intvwd SOF
                     -It was a sad day for this country and we lost it...
                     because you don't expect in England that sort of
                     level of violence against the ordinary police

Trafalgar Sq TGV     Crowd attacking police car PAN R-L ZOOM) TX.31.3.90
                     IN                                     ) ITN

                     INT/POLICE PKF
New Scotland CMS     Sgt James Miller (Officer in car) intvwd SOF
Yard                 -The car was our only escape. If it had stalled or
                     stopped and we had got out of it...I think we would
                     have been beaten to death

Trafalgar    TMS     SLOMO of car being attacked by mob and )
Sq                   away after driver's window shattered by) TX.31.3.90
                     wooden stake                           ) ITN

New Scotland CMS     Sgt Miller & PC Bob Huntley (driver of the car) along
Yard                 towards and past

St Thomas
Hospital     CMS     Sgt Graham Cuthell (injured mounted policeman) with

             CMS     Sgt Graham Cuthell (Injured Mounted Policeman) intvwd
                     SOF re broken jaw
                     -describes recieving injury

Whitehall    CMS     Sgt Cuthell on horseback with blood on face pulling
                     at teeth as fellow officer helped away PAN L-R to BV

             CMS     Policeman in riot gear hits protester  ) TX.31.3.90
                     on top of other officer and arrests    ) ITN

             CMS     Two men, one with very bloody head wound, along
                     towards PAN R-L & SOF & along to BV
                     -I was trying to stop the fighting when the police
                     charged and started hitting me.

             CMS     Woman holding handkerchief over eye intvwd SOF
                     -I'm only here for the weekend for a holiday and
                     someone just smacked me in the face

             CMS     Riot police carrying wounded man away on make-shift
                     stretcher towards PAN R-L to BV


Ref: T01049003