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What would you consider to be television's greatest ever moment? Would you pick the historic footage of Man first walking on the Moon, the pomp and splendour of the Royal Weddings or the sporting triumph of England's 1966 World Cup victory? Or perhaps you'd go for something lighter - the infamous Blue Peter elephant or Frank Spencer running riot on rollerskates?

The inimitable GRAHAM NORTON invites us to indulge in some of television's most memorable moments as voted for by television viewers nationwide and a panel of industry experts. This 'must-see' extravaganza is the biggest and best selection of television clips gathered together in one programme and charts not only the progress of television but also the vast changes in morality, lifestyle and fashion during fifty years of British history.

As we count down from Number 100 to the coveted Number 1 position, enjoy a nostalgia fest of classic clips ranging from The Man on The Moon, to Monty Python's parrot sketch and Del Boy's glorious bar propping scene in Only Fools and Horses.

Also featured in the show is a wealth of household names with anecdotes of the stories behind the clips, giving us a unique insight into the world behind the small screen. Those featured include BOBBY CHARLTON on England's 1966 World Cup glory, NOEL EDMUNDS on his dramatic air-lift into Live Aid, and ITN's DERMOT MURNAGHAN on the trauma of having to announce Princess Diana's death to the nation. Political milestones captured on tv are also brought alive by the irreverent IAN HISLOP and Margaret Thatcher's former press secretary, BERNARD INGHAM.

Other celebrities present us with their own list of favourites - TERRY WOGAN reminisces on his top five moments from his chat show, Countdown's RICHARD WHITELEY looks back on childhood classics and comedian PETER KAY remembers some of those public information films you'd rather forget! And some of the best-loved characters are revived when ANDREW SACHS takes us back to the hey-day of Fawlty Towers, and LESLIE GRANTHAM recalls the Christmas day divorce of EastEnders' DIRTY DEN and ANGIE WATTS.

Finally, we are treated to some remarkable behind-the-scenes revelations. What was happening in the tv gantry as Michael Owen scored his 'wonder goal' against Argentina in last year's World Cup? Was Margaret Thatcher stitched up on live tv?

THE TOP 100...

1. Man Lands on the Moon (C) NASA 1969
2. The Release of Nelson Mandela (C) SABC 1990
3. General Election - Michael Portillo loses his seat (C) ITN 1997
4. Death of Princess Diana in Paris (C) ITN 1997
5. The Fall of the Berlin Wall (C) ITN 1989
6. England beat West Germany in World Cup Final (C) ITV Sport 1966
7. Only Fools and Horses - Del Boy (C) BBC 1989
8. Live Aid (C) BBC & Live Aid Trust 1985
9. Blackadder Over The Top (C) BBC 1989
10. President John F Kennedy assassinated in Dallas (C) Zapruder & ITN 1963
11. Fawlty Towers (C) BBC 1975
12. David Attenborough and the gorillas (C) BBC
13. Rod Hull & Emu attack Michael Parkinson (C) BBC 1971
14. Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (C) BBC 1953
15. Angela Rippon on the Morecambe and Wise Show (C) BBC 1977
16. Margaret Thatcher leaves Downing Street for the last time (C) ITN 1990
17. Tony Hancock's The Blood Donor (C) BBC 1956
18. The Elephant on Blue Peter (C) BBC 1969
19. Margaret Thatcher quizzed by Diana Gould re: the sinking of the Belgrano (C) BBC 1983
20. Challenger Space Shuttle Explodes (C) NASA 1986
21. Monty Python - the parrot sketch (C) BBC 1969
22. Michael Howard questioned by Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight (C) BBC
23. Manchester Utd beat Bayern Munich in European Cup Final (C) ITV Sport 1999
24. EastEnders - Den divorces Angie (C) BBC 1986
25. Iranian Embassy Siege (C) ITN 1980
26. Pride and Prejudice (C) BBC
27. Without Walls - Denis Potter's last interview (C) Channel Four 1994
28. Cathy Come Home (C) BBC 1967
29. Dallas - who shot JR? (C) Worldvision Inc. 1980
30. Prince Charles marries Lady Diana Spencer (C) ITN & Movietone 1981
31. World Cup- England v Argentina, Michael Owen goal (C) ITV Sport 1998
32. Cricket - England v Australia at Headingley (C) BBC 1981
33. Sex Pistols on the Bill Grundy Show (C) Pearson 1976
34. Dad's Army (C) BBC 1973
35. Winston Churchill's Funeral (C) BBC 1965
36. The Two Ronnies forkhandles sketch (C) BBC
37. This Life - Millie punches Rachel (C) BBC 1997
38. Panorma - Dimbleby on the phone (C) BBC
39. Coronation Street - Hilda cries when Stan dies (C) Granada 1984
40. Mexico Olympic Games - Black Power Salute (C) Olympic Archive Bureau 1968
41. Michael Buerk report from Ethopia (C) BBC 1984
42. World Cup - England v West Germany, Paul Gascoine (Gazza) cries (C) ITV Sport 1990
43. David Frost interviews Emil Savundra (C) Arch Build
44. Panorma - Martin Bashir interviews Princess Diana (C) BBC 1995
45. Tiananmen Square, China (C) ITN 1989
46. Northern Ireland - Bloody Sunday (C) ITN 1972
47. Boys From The Blackstuff (C) BBC 1982
48. The Best of Tommy Cooper (C) Pearson
49. Dennis Taylor wins snooker final (C) BBC Sport 1985
50. The Evacuation of Saigon (C) ITN 1975
51. The World At War (C) Pearson 1974 and Imperial War Museum
52. Bjorn Borg wins 5th Wimbledon tennis final (C) BBC Sport 1980
53. Grace Jones attacks Russell Harty (C) BBC 1980
54. Donald Campbell crashes in Bluebird (C) Tyne Tees 1967
55. President Bill Clinton denies affair with Monica Lewinsky (C) ITN 1998
56. Gibbs SR - first advert on UK TV (C) Elida Faberge 1955
57. Bronowski Ascent of Man (C) BBC
58. Brass Eye - "cake" drugs report (C) Channel Four
59. Brookside - Beth (Anna Friel) and Margaret's lesbian kiss (C) Channel Four
60. Football - Liverpool v Arsenal (C) ITV Sport 1989
61. Shabba Ranks on The Word (C) Channel Four
62. Bridehead Revisited (C) Granada
63. Steptoe and Son (C) BBC
64. Martin Luther King "I Have A Dream" speech (C) King Foundation 1963
65. The Prisoner (C) Carlton
66. John Nott walks out on Robin Day (C) BBC 1982
67. Spitting Image - the vegetable sketch (C) Carlton 1985
68. Some Mother's Do Ave Em (C) BBC 1973
69. 7 Up (C) Granada 1964
70. Naked Civil Servant (C) Pearson 1975
71. President Nixon speeach - "no whitewash in the White House" (C) ITN/Reuters
72. Lesbian protestors invade Sue Lawley on the 6 O'Clock News (C) BBC 1988
73. Queer As Folk (C) Channel Four
74. England Football Manager Graham Taylor swearing on An Impossible Job (C) Chrysalis Sport 1994
75. The Avengers opening titles (C) Canal Plus
76. Football - Celtic v Inter Milan (C) BBC 1967
77. Comic Strip - Strike (C) Channel Four 1988
78. Red Rum wins Grand National for third time (C) BBC 1977
79. Death of John Lennon (C) CBS
80. Release of the Guildford Four (C) ITN 1989
81. Weather blooper - hurricane (C) BBC 1987
82. Panorama - spaghetti trees (C) BBC
83. Abigail's Party (C) BBC 1977
84. Roger Bannister's four minute mile (C) BBC
85. Peter Cook on Clive Anderson Talk's Back (C) Channel Four 1993
86. Death on the Rock (C) Pearson 1988
87. Father Ted (C) Channel Four 1996
88. The Miner's Strike (C) ITN 1984
89. Mick Jagger on World In Action (C) Granada 1967
90. Oliver Reed on Aspel and Co (C) LWT
91. Rugby - All Blacks v Barbarians (C) BBC 1973
92. Gulf War Report - Brent Sadler (C) ITN 1991
93. Rising Damp (C) YTV 1974
94. Dr Who and the Daleks (C) BBC 1964
95. Cracker - the bomb scene (C) Granada 1994
96. Torville and Dean ice skating (C) Olympic Archive Bureau
97. The Green Cross Code public service announcement (C) COI/Film Images 1975
98. Absolutely Fabulous (C) BBC
99. Football - England v Germany, Gareth Southgate misses penalty (C) ITV Sport 1996
100. One Foot in the Grave (C) BBC 1993

The interviewees were:

Mel and Sue
David Prowse
Peter Kay
Bernard Wilkie
Eric Chappell
Ian Hislop
Al Murrey
Andy Peebles
John McCririck
Nicholas Whitchell
Sir Trevor McDonald
David Aaronovitch
Jim Rosenthal
Claire Rayner
Richard Whiteley
Dennis Taylor
Michael Beurk
Jean Alexander
Sir Bernard Ingham
Glen Matlock
Bob Willis
Terry Wogan
Jeremy Sandford
Melvyn Bragg
Anthony Carthew
Leslie Grantham
Sir Bobby Charlton
Mike Reynolds
Diana Gould
Peter Purves
Angela Rippon
Ian Kerslake
Andrew Sachs
Lisa I'Anson
David Jason
Kenneth Wolstenholme
Hugh Johns
Dermot Mernaghan
Mary Benson
Patrick Moore
Director - MARK GEORGE