Find the footage your production needs... search our extensive archive library using the website search page.

Footage is shotlisted; with a description of the shots, precis of the story, location details and copyright information. Material can be easily found using our free text retrieval advanced search engine, which matches your search term with relevant shotlists to find the specific content you're looking for.  

If you're still having difficulty finding the content you need, please contact your global representative for free sales assistance.

  • Search tips

    The default search uses Conceptual matching.

    Shotlists containing all the search words will be returned as the most relevant, shotlists containing just one of the words will be the least relevant.

    Tip 1

    Inverted commas "Black cat" typed in inverted commas will only search for black cats.

    Tip 2

    Using 'OR' Black OR cat will return results containing lots of black items and lots of cats - it will search for either term.

    Tip 3

    Using 'NOT' Cat NOT black will search for the word "cat" but not the word "black" - you will get cats in your search return but they will not necessarily be black cats.

  • What is the difference between Basic and Advanced Search?

    Basic Search limits you to searching for all instances of your keywords, phrases and search terms other than any words you may have entered into the "Exclude Words" box.

    In Advanced Search you can define the archives you would like to search across. You can also apply any date criteria, and choose to view only content that you can buy online.

  • What is in "Stock Footage"?

    Stock Footage offers our creative users an inspiring and accessible source of moving imagery. It features individually selected and creatively key-worded clips (or stock shots), covering a variety of genres, themes and moods extracted from across ITN Source's extensive collection of footage libraries. The aim is to help you find the right content for the right idea as easily as possible.

  • What are Compilations?

    Every imaginable type of image from a range of subjects can be found within ITN Source. For convenience, many of these images are grouped into themed Compilations. The Compilations are essentially pre-packaged samples designed to provide a quick snapshot of what we hold relating to a specific subject. There are currently over 400 Compilations and most of them can be viewed online with a watermarked QuickTime preview available for free download.

  • Refining your search

    You can narrow your search by using filters or by being more specific in the words and terms you use. You can do this on the Advanced Search page or from your Search return page by using the Search Filters, where you can refine by collection, partners, locations, genres, decades or dates.

    Using inverted commas will return precise phrases - for example, entering "black cat" into the search box will return only footage with the exact phrase black cat associated with it.

    You can also use the word "and" between words to filter your search. For example, if you have searched for "cat and domestic" you will get less returns than just searching for "cat" because the results will only be displayed where both the word "cat" and the word "domestic" is associated with that item.

    You can also use the "Exclude Words" box to return more accurate searches - for example, if you enter "blue" into the "Exclude Words" box in your search for "cars" you would not see blue cars in your search return.

! This clip is an original ITN news report, or rushes package. Please read our Disclaimer

!This clip is an original Reuters news report, or rushes package. Please read our Disclaimer