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ITN Source and ITN Productions collaboration on Top Tens of Warfare series paying off

A new ten part series called 'Top Tens of Warfare', made in collaboration by ITN Source and ITN Productions, premiered last Sunday on Quest. This was the first time that ITN Productions and ITN Source have worked together on a project to produce a programme series. Quest channel viewers increased by 30% for this programme against their slot average, proving a great success for both ITN businesses, channel and distributor 'Off The Fence', who funded the project.

The 10x60min series brings stories of war, as seen through archive footage, straight from the battlefield. It aims to identify and rank the most influential, and most iconic features of war, examining how technological advances have changed warfare from the First World War to modern-day conflicts.

Each programme covers a theme, such as ‘Battles’, ‘Leaders’ or ‘Inventions’. Last Sunday's episode on 'Aircraft', featured dramatic and rarely-seen archive footage and stills coupled with expert interviews, commentary and analysis of the most influential aircraft in history, from the P-51 Mustang to the Harrier Jump Jet. Catch up On Demand here:

Ian Russell, ITN Productions head of international programming, said: “We have profiled the iconic technologies of war, from the legendary Spitfire fighter to the Stealth Bombers of the second Iraq conflict - revealing war’s greatest heroes and villains, its leaders and tyrants, the most epic battles, the most powerful weapons and the military inventions which went on to change the way we live.”

Watch the next exciting episode 'Battles', this Sunday 13 March at 10pm, as it counts down the fierce 20th century battles of warfare that have changed history, from the Somme and the Normandy landings to the first Gulf War.

Simon Wood, ITN Source head of UK sales, said: “This is a unique collaboration for ITN Source and shows what can be achieved when archive, producer and distributor pull together in the same direction both creatively and economically - each business sharing in the profits once the cost of making the series is covered. In an era of fixed-rig and reality TV, its exciting to know that large scale, archive led pieces seem to be coming back into favour and finding a market. We are looking forward to developing a slate of projects like this in future with ITN Productions."