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The Secrets in the Sizzle...

If you are involved in any sort of media production it’s almost a certainty that you’ll be familiar with the term ‘development hell’. Great ideas and creative gems get stuck in limbo, destined to remain on a pitch document and waiting to be brought to life.

In a crowded market, increasingly it is an engaging taster tape or ‘sizzle’ that will catch a commissioner or financial backers attention. If an idea can be creatively distilled into a 2 or 3 minute taster that’s half the battle won, and the use of compelling archive in a sizzle can both catch the eye, and have very practical benefits.

ITN Source is always happy to provide FREE content for taster tapes, providing a unique resource for development and helping our clients win commissions.

The ability to rapidly search the ITN Source website and download files means that a taster can be cut quickly and with broadcast quality clearable footage. YouTube of course remains an amazing resource, however it's easy to get caught out by unclear copyright. Building a sizzle around uncleared archive can cause all sorts of issues further on.

The sizzle is our shop window too, and what archive doesn’t want their content to look as good as possible?

A diverse archive such as ITN Source has the content to support even the most unusual of pitches, and can help make these ideas a reality. It's not just news either, together with our partners we cover over 120 years of music, entertainment and film. We are working with a more diverse production base than ever and helping win commissions in many genres not typically associated with archive.

Talk to us about your sizzle today. Contact us at or call us on +44 (0)207 430 4480.