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Cover Images agency signs exclusive deal with ITN Source

ITN Source has just signed an exclusive deal with Cover Images stills agency, providing clients with access to over 20 million images alongside their extensive footage archive.

This includes the entire WENN archives, international news feeds, comprehensive fashion coverage, creative and editorial stock, historic archives and a host of further collections. Among the numerous collections available Mirrorpix and Topfoto. Other iconic stills works are Tom Murray, Ulrich Handl, The Cavern Club, The Marquee and the Frank Worth Archives with further announcements to be made soon.

Cover Images director Glen Marks, formerly of Rex Features, said: “I am excited to be working again with the ITN Source team through Cover Images. We have assembled a fantastic and wide range of image archives and international photographers and continue to source new content that will be useful for all their clients. We are ready to help with research enquiries and provide assistance when required.”

Andy Williams, ITN Source managing director, said: “We’re delighted to announce this partnership with Cover Images. This partnership gives ITN Source customers exclusive access to important collections and also provides that personal touch to search for specific content where required.”

If you're interested in licensing Cover Images stills simply email for a login.



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ITN Source signs global deal to license Twofour Group footage

ITN Source has signed a global deal to license clips footage from Twofour Group; a family of award-winning, globally recognised production companies, which includes Twofour, Boomerang, Mainstreet Pictures and BAFTA/Emmy winners Oxford Scientific Films.

Twofour delivers world class international TV programming, spanning drama, factual, comedy and entertainment, to broadcasters around the world. Twofour Rights is its in-house distribution arm, representing the Twofour Group’s extensive catalogue of global programming within the international marketplace. In this new partnership for clip sales, Twofour's library includes globally recognisable hits, such as TV's 'toughest reality show The Jump (Channel 4), all-star The Indian Dream Hotel aka The Real Marigold Hotel (BBC / UK), in-depth true crime series Born to Kill? (Global Distribution), and awe-inspiring achievements in Impossible Engineering

ITN Source Managing Director Andy Williams said: “We are delighted to add Twofour’s fantastic range of programming to our global catalogue – making clips from household hits such as Impossible Engineering and The Indian Dream Hotel / The Real Marigold Hotel available to our customers.”

Twofour's Head of Sales Anthony Appell said: "We are thrilled to be partnering up with ITN Source on Twofour Rights back catalogue of clip opportunities given their excellent reputation in the global market."

If you're interested in licensing Twofour clips please contact or call +44 (0)207 430 4480 to discuss your project and footage requirements.

Twofour programme clips can be licensed via ITN Source now and footage will be made available on in the coming weeks.

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Finalists announced in ITN Source short film competition 2016

The top three films have been announced for the second ever ITN Source Short Film Competition in association with Sheffield Doc/Fest and Audio Network. The finalists are Adam Forrester, an Assistant Professor of Art from Columbus, Georgia; James Arthur Armstrong, a film critic and filmmaker from Liverpool; and Matthew Sanger, an Archive Producer for TV/film productions, concerts & events from London.

Their short films will be screened at the Showroom cinema at Sheffield Doc/Fest from 10-15 June 2016. Festival attendees will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite via the Sheffield Doc/Fest website and the winner will be presented with a cheque for £1000 at the festival’s awards ceremony on Tuesday 14 June.

ITN Source challenged filmmakers to create a one minute short film using archive material from ITN Source and music from Audio Network. There were no creative constraints, and in this year’s brief entrants were also given the opportunity to include up to 10 seconds of self-shot footage.

Amy Bigmore, Marketing Executive at ITN Source “Yet again we have been blown away by the calibre of all 86 films submitted this year. We always love to see the unique and imaginative ways filmmakers use our footage to bring their stories to life”.

‘Marfa, Texas’ by Adam Forrester
He said “Growing up in the American South, a region of the globe where stories often function as currency, I quickly became aware of the value of storytelling. I was blown away by the amount of fantastic footage to be found within the ITN Source archive. So much of this footage was beckoning me to come up with a narrative to string it together. What I was really interested in with this short film ‘Marfa, Texas’ was utilizing archival footage to blur the lines between myth and reality. The actual place of Marfa, Texas is a perfect setting for just such a mirage. Early in my career in filmmaking, I was living in Los Angeles, California and drove from Georgia to Los Angeles in about a week. The voiceover is a voice mail I kept from the other person that made this journey with me. Stopping in this bizarre, new place of Marfa, Texas was like a bizarre dream, and I think connecting such disparate events as you see here from the ITN Source archive is closely related to what happens when we ourselves dream and wonder.

‘Ferguson, Missouri’ by James Armstrong
He said “I earned a bachelor’s degree in Animation and quickly began making short films for next to no-money, making approximately 12 short films in the space of 2-years. I found the films of Martin Scorsese and John Cassavettes inspired me to become a rule-breaking filmmaker who tackled controversial and socially aware topics. Last year I was made aware of the ITN Source Short Film Competition by a friend of mine who thought it would be a good opportunity for me. I saw potential in the story of the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014. What piqued my interest was the sheer lack of humanity shown by police and authorities, and the outrage that ensued. The impact of social media was at the forefront of this unrest and really struck a chord with how powerful Twitter and Facebook can be -- for good or bad. Today, the events of Ferguson are still being felt; America is still under the microscope regarding issues with racism. The unrest in Ferguson is merely the tip of the iceberg.”

‘Mask’ by Matthew Sanger
He said “Rich Hubbard (who edited the film for me) and I both work at the TV production company Nutopia. We thought the ITN Source Short Film competition would give us the freedom to experiment and produce an independent film without the usual constraints of television. The inspiration for ‘Mask’ came from an interest in the idea of people concealing their identities by hiding behind masks. I viewed a lot of riot and protest footage during the research for this film and noticed that it’s not only the demonstrators and rioters who wear the masks these days but also the police. This blurs boundaries, adding confusion as to who the ‘good guys’ are. The ‘Anonymous’ mask is also an interesting phenomenon - originally styled on the Guy Fawkes mask and then lifted from the novel and subsequent film ‘V for Vendetta’, it’s been adopted as the face of counter-culture and protest. It’s now central to the online hacktivist group ‘Anonymous’ and various other anti- establishment protests around the world. However, ironically it’s Time Warner Inc., the multinational entertainment conglomerate, who produced the ‘V for Vendetta’ movie who profit every time a mask is bought.

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The Secrets in the Sizzle...

If you are involved in any sort of media production it’s almost a certainty that you’ll be familiar with the term ‘development hell’. Great ideas and creative gems get stuck in limbo, destined to remain on a pitch document and waiting to be brought to life.

In a crowded market, increasingly it is an engaging taster tape or ‘sizzle’ that will catch a commissioner or financial backers attention. If an idea can be creatively distilled into a 2 or 3 minute taster that’s half the battle won, and the use of compelling archive in a sizzle can both catch the eye, and have very practical benefits.

ITN Source is always happy to provide FREE content for taster tapes, providing a unique resource for development and helping our clients win commissions.

The ability to rapidly search the ITN Source website and download files means that a taster can be cut quickly and with broadcast quality clearable footage. YouTube of course remains an amazing resource, however it's easy to get caught out by unclear copyright. Building a sizzle around uncleared archive can cause all sorts of issues further on.

The sizzle is our shop window too, and what archive doesn’t want their content to look as good as possible?

A diverse archive such as ITN Source has the content to support even the most unusual of pitches, and can help make these ideas a reality. It's not just news either, together with our partners we cover over 120 years of music, entertainment and film. We are working with a more diverse production base than ever and helping win commissions in many genres not typically associated with archive.

Talk to us about your sizzle today. Contact us at or call us on +44 (0)207 430 4480. 

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ITN Source agrees distribution partnership with Visual China Group in Asia

International footage licensing business ITN Source has signed a partnership agreement with leading Chinese photo agency Visual China Group to further expand its presence in Asia. The move will enable ITN Source to build closer relationships with clients and the creative industries in the region and will enhance its distribution capability in Mainland China and Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan.

A selection of ITN’s stock footage clips are being uploaded onto Visual China Group’s sales platform, as well as on with more content from the ITN Source archive collections accessible to Visual China Group via an API.

Catherine Laferrière-Vitali, International Sales Manager at ITN Source, said: “Partnering with a renowned company such as Visual China Group enables us to stimulate the distribution of our content across Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. We are excited to bring our award-winning content to producers, networks and corporate clients across the territory. This agreement will certainly make our footage more accessible in the region.”

Charles Wang, Senior Vice President of Visual China Group, said: “ITN Source is recognised as an excellent library for video content. We are excited to partner with the ITN Source to deliver this valuable video footage. This partnership represents a significant step in the growth of Visual China Group’s brand portfolio especially in historical records. We are proud to offer more diversified and high-quality products and services to our customers. We looking forward to our forthcoming strategic cooperation.”

As part of ITN Source’s ongoing digitisation programme, footage from across Asia has been prioritised for selection. ITN Source has over 2.8 million archive news clips, programmes and film titles available online, dating back to 1896. The archive is digitising over 20 hours of new content every day, constantly uncovering new, rare and unseen material.

Sino-Japanese War special page

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ITN Source unearths long forgotten footage for ITV documentary Jim Carter: Lonnie Donegan and Me

A new one off documentary for ITV about skiffle legend Lonnie Donegan features footage that hadn’t seen the light of day for five decades, unearthed by footage licensing business ITN Source.

The hour-long programme by Artisan Pictures in association with Spring Films is titled Jim Carter: Lonnie Donegan and Me and is presented by the former Downton Abbey actor who traces the profound impact of his childhood hero upon pop culture.

Featuring interviews from the likes of Sir Paul McCartney and Roger Daltrey it also contains archive film that had not been broadcast since the 60s.

ITN Source provided key footage of Donegan, who is credited for laying the preparation for the swinging sixties music, performing some of his biggest hits.

Artisan Pictures producer Svetlana Palmer said: “Just as Lonnie Donegan, once one of the most famous musicians in Britain had been forgotten since his heyday, so have the 35 mm reels of his prime time 1960s ITV show ‘Puttin on the Donegan’ lay gathering dust in the archives. With much speculation on the web between Lonnie’s hardcore fans who continue to swap old VHS tapes and dispute which of the long lost shows contained the best renditions of their favourite tunes we were intrigued and tantalised by lists of shows which appeared long gone. With the help of the dedicated ITN Source team we were able to look through everything that survived in the archives and pick real treats for Lonnie’s fans old and new, from some of the best versions of Lonnie’s signature tunes such as ‘Rock Island Line’ and ‘My Old Man is a Dustman’ to his humorous banter with a very young Des O’Connor and his mentor, legendary jazz musician Chris Barber.”

Simon Wood, Head of UK Sales, ITN Source said: “The 35mm reels of “Puttin’ on the Donegan” were in our archive essentially gathering dust when Artisan Pictures in association with Spring Films approached us about the project – with little knowledge of what was actually on these films, we took the plunge and dubbed them all, to see what gems lay within. We weren’t disappointed. No-one had considered this material for years, so it’s wonderful to see an influential and important artist like Donegan being given new life by this project, and by the material ITN Source holds.”

The documentary will air amidst 60th anniversary celebrations of Lonnie’s breakthrough hit Rock Island Line, the first of 16 Top 10s and the record that started it all.

Jim Carter: Lonnie Donegan and Me will air on ITV1 on April 17th at 10.35pm.

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ITN Source and ITN Productions collaboration on Top Tens of Warfare series paying off

A new ten part series called 'Top Tens of Warfare', made in collaboration by ITN Source and ITN Productions, premiered last Sunday on Quest. This was the first time that ITN Productions and ITN Source have worked together on a project to produce a programme series. Quest channel viewers increased by 30% for this programme against their slot average, proving a great success for both ITN businesses, channel and distributor 'Off The Fence', who funded the project.

The 10x60min series brings stories of war, as seen through archive footage, straight from the battlefield. It aims to identify and rank the most influential, and most iconic features of war, examining how technological advances have changed warfare from the First World War to modern-day conflicts.

Each programme covers a theme, such as ‘Battles’, ‘Leaders’ or ‘Inventions’. Last Sunday's episode on 'Aircraft', featured dramatic and rarely-seen archive footage and stills coupled with expert interviews, commentary and analysis of the most influential aircraft in history, from the P-51 Mustang to the Harrier Jump Jet. Catch up On Demand here:

Ian Russell, ITN Productions head of international programming, said: “We have profiled the iconic technologies of war, from the legendary Spitfire fighter to the Stealth Bombers of the second Iraq conflict - revealing war’s greatest heroes and villains, its leaders and tyrants, the most epic battles, the most powerful weapons and the military inventions which went on to change the way we live.”

Watch the next exciting episode 'Battles', this Sunday 13 March at 10pm, as it counts down the fierce 20th century battles of warfare that have changed history, from the Somme and the Normandy landings to the first Gulf War.

Simon Wood, ITN Source head of UK sales, said: “This is a unique collaboration for ITN Source and shows what can be achieved when archive, producer and distributor pull together in the same direction both creatively and economically - each business sharing in the profits once the cost of making the series is covered. In an era of fixed-rig and reality TV, its exciting to know that large scale, archive led pieces seem to be coming back into favour and finding a market. We are looking forward to developing a slate of projects like this in future with ITN Productions."

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Crime does pay...

America’s fascination with true crime and the stories behind individual cases is approaching fever pitch and shows no sign of abating. The success of podcasts such as 'Serial' and more recently Netflix’s 'Making a Murderer', shows that bringing past crimes to life has real impact upon the viewers of the present.

Unlike many genres, celebrity is not necessarily what draws the audience to their screens. In fact, often the sheer normality – “this could be a town just like mine” – is what compels the viewers.

While real-life crime series’ are by no means new we are experiencing renewed demand for the genre and archive is one of the key pillars on which these programmes are structured.

Veteran crime producer, Nick Aarons, currently making a series on doctors who kill for CBS, says: “As soon as I'm asked to make a film, the first thing I do is have a look at what archive there is available, because it really brings the story to life and sparks memories. I can dramatize it, I can have people talking about it, but it’s not the same as seeing what really happened on that day." 

Watch the full video interview with Nick Aarons here.

In the case of infamous crimes - using the OJ Simpson trial as an example - everybody remembers where they were as events unfolded and the archive exists to recreate this story. That footage sparks individual memories which bring the story home on a personal level to each viewer.

With archive reports from court, the victim and the killers friends and family, producers can use cognitive recognition – the thin slicing of the moments before the crime happened, from both the perspective of the killer and the victim, to tell the story in tremendous detail.

Demand for crime archive footage is growing steadily. Last year ITN Source licensed footage to hours of programming for networks like Discovery ID, Oxygen Network and others, producing crime related series such as “Corrupt Crimes”, “Killer Couples”, “A Crime to Remember”, “Murder Comes to Town,” and many more. These series deal with crimes ranging from murder and violent crimes, to celebrity run-ins with the law and white collar corporate crimes. These series are loyally watched by their audience and some are in multiple seasons, increasing the demand for this type of programming and the need for this type of archive to tell these stories.

Producers are looking for footage of the actual events to compliment the re-enactment, interviews, and stills used in these programs. Lesser-known crimes are not always picked up as national stories, so having an archive like Fox News in the States is absolutely crucial to ITN Source’s success in this market. Fox News accounts for a majority of the licenses for crime-related documentaries. The footage ranges from crime scene aftermath, interviews with witnesses, courtroom entries and exits to stock footage or city establishing shots and archival.

ITN Source is perfectly placed to help producers unearth material that may have lain forgotten, representing archive footage from Fox News, Fox Movietone, British Movietone and ANI, amongst many others.

As Aarons says: “Each documentary really springs into life when you can finally look into the eyes of the killer. It underscores all the interviews that you have done. Interview contributors can tell you for hours about a cold blooded killer whose eyes were staring at you but you can’t really grasp that until you see the archive and can look at the killer’s eyes yourself.”

By Todd Himmelreich, ITN Source Business Development Manager USA.

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50 Years of Famous Faces

ITN Source archive footage library has created an interactive video timeline showcasing some of the world’s famous faces from the last 50 years. The timeline manages to cover international artists, musicians, actors, sports personalities, politicians, religious leaders and industry gurus from across 5 decades in just 10 minutes - suffice to say competition to be included was tough!

Each decade has a one minute video dedicated to it – as well as surprising facts about the stars. For example did you know that when filming the Italian job Michael Caine couldn't drive? He only passed his driving test 14 years later at the age of 50.

Also included are some killer celeb quotes; from rapper Kanye West who said "I am God's vessel. But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live" to the insightful and hauntingly apt words of the late David Bowie "As you get older, the questions come down to about two or three. How long? And what do I do with the time I've got left?"

Find out who made the cut and who didn't. Watch the video timeline here:

Andy Williams, Managing Director of ITN Source said: “We hope people enjoy exploring the timeline and in particular the years they recall most fondly. As well as providing a bit of light entertainment, we hope the timeline will spark some debate on who should and shouldn't have been included. It was a certainly a difficult task deciding who to leave out.”

The timeline features over 200 famous faces, spanning a wide variety of professions, but musicians and artists do feature prominently, thanks to some incredible footage within the ITV catalogue, which ITN Source represents globally. Some of the clips from the ITV archive were sourced from iconic music & art programmes such as 'The Tube' and 'Southbank Show'. So watch the Famous Faces video timeline and let us know what you think? #famousfaces to join the conversation.

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ITN Source launches Short Film Competition 2016

ITN Source are opening up their footage library to filmmakers worldwide, offering free access to content for those taking part in the ITN Source Short Film Competition 2016, in association with Sheffield Doc/Fest and Audio Network.

The challenge is to create a 1 minute short film using footage from ITN Source and music from Audio Network. The top 3 films, selected by an expert judging panel, will be screened at Sheffield Doc/Fest and the winner, voted for by the festival’s attendees, will be presented with a cheque for £1000 at the Sheffield Doc/Fest Awards evening.

The judges will be looking for an original, visually arresting piece from the winning production, but other than that there are no constraints. This is an opportunity for filmmakers to run wild with the archive! Take a look at the brief and find out more on how to enter here:

In 2015 over 400 people registered to take part in the inaugural ITN Source Short Film Competition and 71 finished films were submitted. Chris Barwick, Business Development Manager at ITN Source said “We were overwhelmed by the standard of entries we received last year and can’t wait to see this year’s, especially as this year we're also given filmmakers the opportunity to include some of their own self-shot footage, to complement the archive”.

Liz McIntyre, CEO & Festival Director, Sheffield Doc/Fest, says “It’s very exciting to see what filmmakers discover and are inspired by in these two fantastic libraries, and how they experiment with that footage. Last year’s results were wonderfully creative and I’m looking forward to seeing how inventive this year’s entrants will be. I’m absolutely delighted the ITN Source Short Film Competition is returning to Doc/Fest again.”

Take a look at last year’s entries here and see how they used solely archive footage to tell their stories:

Xavier Perkins, winner of the 2015 ITN Source Short Film Competition said the competition “gives people momentum to create something, and get it viewed by the greater public”. Listen to an interview with Xavier on the inspirations behind his winning short film and his experiences using archive material

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